Trauma and orthopaedics

2014-Oct-088Poole Hospital is the designated trauma centre for east Dorset. 

Most of our patients are admitted as emergencies with a traumatic injury such as a broken bone, which may require surgery.

Patients are also admitted via the outpatient fracture clinics because they require additional treatment to that already provided in the emergency department or during a previous inpatient stay. Poole Hospital sees more cases of fractured hips than any other hospital in England.

Trauma and orthopaedic care is provided by a team of experienced specialist staff that includes trauma orthopaedic and elderly care doctors, and a range of nursing, therapies and clerical staff.

As an accredited Practice Development Unit, the trauma unit follows the Poole Approach philosophy of care, and staff work in partnership with patients and their families as part of an enhanced recovery programme, to promote independence and get patients back to normality as soon as possible.

Patients are admitted to one of our three adult trauma wards or to the children’s unit if under 16. The trauma wards have 69 inpatient beds in total. To read more about the trauma wards, including their location and visiting hours, click on the links below:

Each ward is managed by a ward sister and a team of nurses who work closely with other members of clinical staff including doctors, therapists and specialist nurses to provide patient-focused care. Some patients are admitted to the adult assessment unit and discharged home after a short inpatient stay or transferred to a trauma ward. Patients not requiring immediate admission will come in on an agreed date to the day of surgery unit or one of the trauma wards. Post-surgery patients may be transferred to another ward or to other hospitals in the area for a period of rehabilitation.

For more information contact Jolyon Lockhart, matron for surgery and trauma, on 01202 442701.

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